There is something so satisfying and inspiring, and yes, slightly overwhelming to sit down with that stack of sheets and perfectly inked pen and allow your mind to go free. The pen begins to glide; the letters and words take shape and before long they become a cluster. A portrait of thoughts, sometimes rushed and squished together and sometimes perfectly rounded, shaped and spaced in a thoughtful inquisitive river that twists and streams down its well worn bed.

God is there in those moments knowing where the thoughts will stream, knowing the thoughts, the things we believe and dream. God is in that place waiting like a hidden intersection ready to divert the river of thought to a surprise place, a revelation place.

That’s what it means to sit in His presence. To sit and rest in one who is loving and active. Its when everything looks the same, when everything is always the same, when the ‘suddenly’ happens. The suddenly that brings you to an amazing place of discovery, of hope renewed promise, of new dreams, and renewed motivation.

This is what he wants to do. Do you dare to pick up the pen, open the book and just listen?