Justice Begins with Me.

I have been walking this road for a while. Walking along the river, always being called into the river. “Jump jump jump in the river, dance dance dance in the river” we sing on a Sunday morning.

And I wonder.

I have begun to be suspicious of those who seek only more “glory” to see the signs and wonders, to live more and more in the presence, but does it change you? If it doesn’t, does it have any value?

I believe that healing happens. I believe that God wants to walk and talk with us as in the garden..on earth as it is in heaven.. but I think that often we miss the whole point of why.

Can we really walk in the glory, and spend our time seeking to go “deeper” when we are so quick to ignore our neighbour? When we are so desperate to maintain our priveledge and power that we are willing to fight for oppression for orphans, widows and refugees. When our politics [read our motivations and world-view] are so hateful and self-seeking. When we pursue material things and call them blessings. When we disdain the weak and broken.

Some days it is more than I can process. And then I come back around to Him. To the one whose name is above every name. To the beautiful saviour, Jesus. I come back to his character, the overwhelming LOVE that he showed. Perfect Love, Perfect Truth. And I realise that those things that I despise, that make me the most enraged, those things are in ME.

I am selfish, judgemental, self-seeking, lacking compassion and grace. And once again I am reminded that the qualities I most long to see in the world around me, they all begin with ME. They begin in my home, my workplace, my rush-hour drive. And I am humbled.

Help me to walk in LOVE to ALL of your children, Oh God, not just the ones who agree with me. Help me to see them as HUMAN, as a person on a journey.