Time To Hear

Voices is rusted from lack of use.

So used to shutting up their passion, their questions, their thoughts- for fear.

For fear of offending. For fear of being alone. For fear. For fear. For fear.

Like water bubbling, brought to boil on a low heat, its been a long time coming

But once it has begun its hard to control. The words bubble to the surface, expanding greedily taking on more oxygen, filling up lungs preparing to pour out.

So many whom we consider voiceless- who speak but hoarse as they speak but are not heard.

But now it is time. Time for the words that we have been deaf to, words that have been tamed and unobtrusive

Its time to turn up the volume. Time for them to flow out and scald us all with their honesty, desperation and truth.

Its time to hear.

This was written quite a while ago, but it struck me as very appropriate in these days. Justice is about DOING, as it says in Micah  6:8 “Act Justly” but Justice is also about listening. Humility means that you don’t do all the talking. This is my challenge in these days, to do more listening, to really HEAR what is being said by those who are oppressed and then coming alongside to strengthen their hand. To take their lead. Its hard but its time!


Justice Begins with Me.

I have been walking this road for a while. Walking along the river, always being called into the river. “Jump jump jump in the river, dance dance dance in the river” we sing on a Sunday morning.

And I wonder.

I have begun to be suspicious of those who seek only more “glory” to see the signs and wonders, to live more and more in the presence, but does it change you? If it doesn’t, does it have any value?

I believe that healing happens. I believe that God wants to walk and talk with us as in the garden..on earth as it is in heaven.. but I think that often we miss the whole point of why.

Can we really walk in the glory, and spend our time seeking to go “deeper” when we are so quick to ignore our neighbour? When we are so desperate to maintain our priveledge and power that we are willing to fight for oppression for orphans, widows and refugees. When our politics [read our motivations and world-view] are so hateful and self-seeking. When we pursue material things and call them blessings. When we disdain the weak and broken.

Some days it is more than I can process. And then I come back around to Him. To the one whose name is above every name. To the beautiful saviour, Jesus. I come back to his character, the overwhelming LOVE that he showed. Perfect Love, Perfect Truth. And I realise that those things that I despise, that make me the most enraged, those things are in ME.

I am selfish, judgemental, self-seeking, lacking compassion and grace. And once again I am reminded that the qualities I most long to see in the world around me, they all begin with ME. They begin in my home, my workplace, my rush-hour drive. And I am humbled.

Help me to walk in LOVE to ALL of your children, Oh God, not just the ones who agree with me. Help me to see them as HUMAN, as a person on a journey.

Walk in the Light

Some days when I read the news, my heart aches. The individuals in the stories become alive to me- their pain, fear, hopelessness, anger. It overwhelms me.

Today is one of those days, as I think on those being terrorized in Sudan, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Iraq, Syria. For those who are experiencing the panic of untreatable illness in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Ghana. For the courageous women testifying about the sexual violence they experienced during the conflict days in Colombia. Closer to home, another round of research released about the correlation between irresponsible extraction and abuse. And always, so near to my heart, the stories of those living over 20 years of war in Democratic Republic of Congo.

It seems like the earth is groaning with suffering, with abuse and hatred and greed. My heart groans with it.

In times like this, I often wonder God, where are you?

Some days the answer is like a balm to my heart, and I cling to those passages like a person clinging to a life raft. “He knows the way that I take; and when I have been tested I will come forth as gold.” (job 23:10)

And sometimes there are flashes of goodness in the world around me, that remind me that God uses us- imperfect though we are- to bring his Kingdom to earth. And when we obey, when we do those small things that could be overlooked, but really mean so much, He smiles.

The courageous and inspirational peace activist, Leymah Gbowee said it so well. About her visit to DRC in February of this year, where she spent time speaking to survivors of sexual violence and hearing their stories she noted, “through all of the stories of rape and sexual violence, there was a beautiful middle line. That may sound impossible; the global narrative of DRC is that it is the rape capital of the world. I am not going to agree or disagree with this statement. But the authors of this statement failed to recognize the beautiful middle line of these women’s narratives; indeed, it takes trained ears to hear and identify with it. For too many of the women, each story started with “I was raped; I was in pain; I was upset and distraught…” But in the middle of their narrative, the beautiful is revealed: “…and then the women came; my sister came; my mother came; a women’s association heard and came…. They took me to a doctor; helped me with clothes; talked to me and then I regained strength… and now I am able to at least think about living again.” The beautiful line is how women, despite the pain and suffering, have an unshakeable sense of sisterhood and solidarity. Regardless of what the world calls DRC, I call it the “Capital of Sisterhood and Solidarity”.

Lets train our ears to the goodness, the beauty in the midst of the ashes- and continue to bring that beauty to those around us.

“but if we walk in the Light as He Himself is in the Light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin.” John 1:7