Time To Hear

Voices is rusted from lack of use.

So used to shutting up their passion, their questions, their thoughts- for fear.

For fear of offending. For fear of being alone. For fear. For fear. For fear.

Like water bubbling, brought to boil on a low heat, its been a long time coming

But once it has begun its hard to control. The words bubble to the surface, expanding greedily taking on more oxygen, filling up lungs preparing to pour out.

So many whom we consider voiceless- who speak but hoarse as they speak but are not heard.

But now it is time. Time for the words that we have been deaf to, words that have been tamed and unobtrusive

Its time to turn up the volume. Time for them to flow out and scald us all with their honesty, desperation and truth.

Its time to hear.

This was written quite a while ago, but it struck me as very appropriate in these days. Justice is about DOING, as it says in Micah  6:8 “Act Justly” but Justice is also about listening. Humility means that you don’t do all the talking. This is my challenge in these days, to do more listening, to really HEAR what is being said by those who are oppressed and then coming alongside to strengthen their hand. To take their lead. Its hard but its time!


Women in Ministry

I’ve been considering this question for the past little while. Specifically, is it ok to allow the status quo to stand in terms of women in ministry? Should we excuse these attitudes that deny women equality as humans, image bearers and ones chosen by God?

Great post from Dr. Jeremiah Gibbs on this question, and how he came to support women in ministry in more than just name.


How I Became an Advocate for Women in Ministry.