SheDares: Books on the List

I am a total bookworm. I cant help it. There is something about the way my mind races when I have encountered a character or idea that changes my perspective, or makes a thought process suddenly become clear. It also constantly amazes me how books that come across my path weave together; sometimes so tightly woven that it is hard to articulate, but just makes sense.

On that note, I am going to share some books that I am currently reading, or are on my digital or literal bookstand. (For a more complete list, you can also check out my Goodreads.)

These first ones are from authors whose blogs I also regularly follow. They both have some great insights on faith, theology and justice.

1. Disunity in Christ by Christena Cleveland (also check out her resources. I am slowly working my way through them.)

2. Undiluted by Benjamin L. Corey (Coming out August 19th!! If you want to be part of a virtual study on this book, email me!)

I also just ordered some books on Peacemaking in Christian context and those are:

1. Apocalypse Later: Why The Gospel Of Peace Must Trump The Politics Of Prophecy In The Middle East by Abdu H. Murray

2. Just Peacemaking by Glen H. Stassen

3. Peace in a Post-Christian Era by Thomas Merton

4. Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha and Mohammed Cross the Road? by Brian D. McLaren

At the moment all of my reads are non-fiction.. however I am a huge fiction reader as well, of almost all genres. I will add some of my favourites in a later post!


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